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Yoga Week 2023

Ease into 2023: Direkt zum Jahresbeginn 2023 möchten wir Euch einen entspannten Start mit Bewegung, Atmung und Meditation anbieten.

Im Studio am Seelberg findet zu diesem Anlass ein Mini-Retreat an 3 Tagen statt. Außerdem ist für alle, die nur online teilnehmen können eine 30 minütige Morning Challenge für 7 Tage geplant.  Happy & Healthy 2023!


Ongoing: Gentle Yoga

Check out this format if you are looking for creative movement that suits you and your body with lots of modifications on strengthening and opening sequences for the whole body. Available in-person at the Studio or online via Zoom.

6:30 PM CET on Mondays

This class is 15 Euros for a drop in or 50 Euros for 4 classes.

360 °

My brand new 6-week online yoga therapy program for physical, mental and emotional health


per class 25,-

per module 65,-

per course 175,-


*includes 1 free private yoga therapy class


Introducing Mantra + Movement

After a long hiatus, I have started posting on youtube again. Check out my first video of the ongoing series Mantra + Movement about embodied movement and incorporated mantra in yoga therapy.

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