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About me


Anyone who has experienced a full blown panic attack knows fear is powerful. I went through my first one at the age of 24 while working for a German publishing company. I was so invested in my job that I had forgotten about my basic needs. When dizziness became a daily occurrence and leaving my bed felt like a challenge, I knew things had to change. Back then I wish someone had told me about the subtle ways fear can sneak into your mind and body. I was convinced I had a terrible disease but my actual problem was much more complex. Yoga was always in my life: my mother owns a small studio in Bavaria, Germany. But it never became relevant before this part of my life. 


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The incredible benefits of breath, movement, and meditation saved me when I found out about the physical effects that anxiety can create. Eventually yoga became a sanctuary in my routine so I decided to share it. My first training was with YogaWorks in New York, followed by years of additional workshops and events. Later, I found yoga therapy and specialized in stress and anxiety healing. It was my first time working with people’s individual needs, unique backgrounds, and the situations they find themselves in. The yoga remedy to fear and anxiety can range from a strong and dynamic flow to simple breath work. One practice does not fit all. Today, I help overwhelmed young mothers, women experiencing menopause panic attacks, as well as young employees struggling with the demands of their first professional job. I’m continually humbled by how smallest adjustments can inspire big changes and create long-lasting mental health and physical wellbeing.

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